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columbia southern university financial aid disbursement schedule 2021gary sasser wife

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EUGENE AND PHYLLIS GOTTFRIED SCHOLARSHIP FUND If the student applies for a deferment or forbearance, he/she must still continue to make payments until notification that the request has been granted. (2010) Gift of Tanmoy Mukherjee CC86. CHARLES ANDERSON DANA SCHOLARSHIP FUND WILLIAM F. VOELKER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND CHOU SCHOLARSHIP FUND EDWIN ROBBINS CC 1953 RESIDENTIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND JOHN AND MAY FRASER SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2019) Gift of Nadeem Babar CC87, SEAS87, P: CC23. LAWRENCE GUSSMAN COLUMBIA COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP FUND PAUL AND LILLIAN COSTALLAT SCHOLARSHIP FUND All students are evaluated on three standards: grade point average (qualitative measure), pace of completion (quantitative measure) and maximum timeframe. CLARENCE BRUNER-SMITH SCHOLARSHIP FUND - COLUMBIA COLLEGE (1988) Gift of various donors in memory of George D. Shaw CC53. (1972) Bequest of Lillian and Paul Costallat. (2008) Gift of an anonymous donor. EDGAR G. THOMSSEN SCHOLARSHIP FUND Students are evaluated for SAP at the end of every payment period. FERGANG FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2000) Bequest of Frank R. Pitt CC 1928, LAW 1930. (1984) Bequest of Estelle Leavy. (2015) Bequest of Franklin N. Gould CC40. ABIGAIL ELBAUM SCHOLARSHIP FUND ALAN W. STEINBERG SCHOLARSHIP FUND MICHAEL J. CLEMENS SCHOLARSHIP FUND LT. PETER F. RUSSELL, U.S.N. ABRAM S. HEWITT SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2005) Gift of Barry S. Hyman CC77, VPS86, P: CC23, GS21 and the George A. Hyman Revocable Trust in memory of Barrys father, George A. Hyman CC42, VPS45, P: CC77, VPS86. KAI-FU AND SHEN-LING LEE SCHOLARSHIP FUND CLASS OF 1912 COLLEGE AND ENGINEERING 35TH ANNIVERSARY FUND (2015) Gift of James L. Melcher CC61, P: CC90. GLADYS H. MUOZ SCHOLARSHIP FUND Students who are enrolled for eight terms must pay the flat tuition, regardless of the number of credits they are taking. THE ERIC EISNER SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2009) Gift of Yale M. Fergang CC87, SEAS88. (2007) Bequest of Barbara J. Feinberg P: CC92, CC95, LAW95 in memory of her husband, Gerald Feinberg CC53, GSAS54, GSAS57, P: CC92, CC95, LAW95. This policy is subject to change in order to comply with administrative and regulatory requirements. (1926) Gift of Haughton Memorial Committee in memory of Percy D. Haughton. (2003) Gift of Rudy A. Segna CC81, P: CC08, CC09. BIKHCHANDANI SCHOLARSHIP FUND PROFESSOR WILLIAM H. REINMUTH SCHOLARSHIP FUND SCHENLEY INDUSTRIES, INC., SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1996) Gift of the J. Edward and Helen M.C. FRANK R. PITT SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1989) Gift of Laurence E. Balfus CC55, GSAS00 ^and Roberta R. Balfus ^. JOHN T. CAHILL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND Lavan CC 1915, LAW 1918 ^. SMALLEY FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP FUND THE JOHN AND MARY JO WHITE SCHOLARSHIP PROFESSOR C. LOWELL HARRISS SCHOLARSHIP FUND MAX PAPPER SCHOLARSHIP FUND KUMA/KUZNETSOV SCHOLARSHIP FUND Due to the recent class start change that is now scheduled for January 11, 2020, the Financial Aid Office will be disbursing aid on Monday, January 4, 2020. (2005) Gift of Sharon and Peter A. Grossman CC79, P: CC05, CC08, GSAS07, GSAS11. (1979) Bequest of Ethel Clyde GS31, P: CC30 ^. BARBARA MAZUR SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1982) Gift of various donors in honor of Grayson Kirk 53 HON ^. (1992) Gift of Columbia University Alumni Association (Hong Kong) Limited. (1998) Gift of Socrates Nicholas CC56. (2019) Gift of The Smalley Foundation Inc. MARCY AND SALO SMEKE SCHOLARSHIP Understand that by signing the promissory note, the student is agreeing to repay the loan according to the terms of the note. (2001) Gift of Arnold R. Tolkin CC54, P: CC79, CC82, LAW81. Financial Aid & Scholarship Department 18111 Nordhoff Street Northridge, CA 91330-8307 Phone: 1-818-677-4085 Fax: 1-818-677-6787 Email: Located in Bayramian Hall, 1 st Floor Lobby (BH100) Business Hours Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (1996) Gift of George A. Violin CC63, SIPA66, VPS67. Students who do not submit a request for a waiver or exception in a timely manner will be charged the insurance premium on their term bill and are responsible for these charges. (2010) Gift of an anonymous donor. ALAN R. KAHN FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND CESTAR FAMILY FUND In accordance with federal regulations, CSU is required to return all funds that were disbursed to the student in which the student was determined to be ineligible for based on the R2T4 calculation. LOUIS K. MCCLYMONDS SCHOLARSHIP FUND Students on SAP Financial Aid Probation are eligible to receive Federal Student Aid. ONG YEE SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1943) Gifts of various donors in memory of Herbert E. Hawkes. Estimated disbursement dates for various types of financial aid are included in each section. Withdrawal is defined as the dropping of ones entire program in a given term as opposed to dropping a portion of ones program (seeAcademic Regulations). 1130 Amsterdam Avenue DR. ROYAL M. MONTGOMERY SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2015) Gift of Morgan Sze in memory of his mother, Agnes C. Lin Sze BUS45. A conviction that was reversed, set aside or removed from the student's record does not affect Federal Student Aid eligibility, nor does a conviction received when the student was a minor, unless the student was tried as an adult. (2012) Bequest of Patricia and Shepard L. Alexander CC 1921. HAROLD KORZENIK SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1997) Gift of Peter K. Scaturro SEAS82, SEAS85. LAMONT AND LEAH KAPLAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND Yim SEAS73, BUS75, P: CC11, SEAS10. ROBERT I. PEARLMAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND - CC (2010) Gift of Danny O. Yee CC77, P: CC15 and Stephanie W. Yee PS82, P: CC15. (2008) Gift of Margaret and John Brynjolfur Brynjolfsson CC86. (1960) Gift of Minnie Parker Charitable Trust. (2022) Gift of Richard E. Waldhorn CC72. (2013) Gift of Christopher M. and Lori D. Nawn P: CC16. (2011) Gift of Paul J. Maddon CC81, GSAS85, GSAS88, VPS89. PETER AND JOAN COHN SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1963) Bequest of Vera B. David. | G. HENRY HALL FUND MARY ELLEN AND BRUCE EBEN PINDYCK SCHOLARSHIP FUND GAGUINE SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2011) Bequest of Barry S. Augenbraun CC60. Federal Student Aid (FSA) offers federal grant and loan programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education. JULIO LOUIS ANON AND ROBERT A. KAMINSKI SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2005) Gift of Phebe and Louis A. Goodman CC65. Orange Beach, AL 36561, Phone: 251-981-3771 (2015) Gift of Craig L. Chodash CC90. MARK HINCKLEY WILLES SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2015) Gift of Kenneth Hao. EDWIN F. DAVIS SCHOLARSHIP FUND If you do not sign up for the ACH method, a check for the credit balance will be mailed to your current address in our database. (2007) Gift of various donors in memory of Herbert Mark CC42, P: JRN82. (2011) Gift of Meredith G. Milstein CC09, BUS17. Login - myCSU - Columbia Southern University Welcome For security reasons, please Log Out and Exit your web browser when you are done accessing services that require authentication! THOMAS L. MOUNT SCHOLARSHIP FUND SCHLEIFER FAMILY FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP FUND DAVID B. HERTZ COLLEGE/ENGINEERING INTERSCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP FUND PAUL C. MCCORMICK SCHOLARSHIP FUND WOLF FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND THE MATTHEW C. GROSSMAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND CHARLES F. HOELZER JR., MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1989) Gift of Mark H. Willes CC63, BUS67. July 2022 A student may request more than one LOA during their academic program not to exceed two terms within a 12-month period. ALAN AND RUTH STEIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND Documentation may be faxed to (251) 224-0590 or emailed ELVIRA AND HAROLD POLLACK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1991) Gift of L. Steven Zwerling CC60, GSAS61 and Leonard J. Zwerling CC65 in honor of their parents, Ray M. and David Zwerling P: CC60, CC65, GSAS61, on their anniversary. (2009) Gift of Philip P. Wang CC70, P: CC18. CATHERINE LIVINGSTON AND FRANK GORDON SCHOLARSHIP FUND SCHMIDTBERGER/SUNG FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP Enter your Username and Password Forgot your password? OLEGARIO LORENZO MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2006) Gift of Cecile B. and Seymour Alpert CC39 ^. AND ALMA B. C. SCHAPIRO SCHOLARSHIP FUND JOHN P. GOMMES SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2005) Gift of Manfred L. Spengler CC55, SEAS56. CLASS OF 1922 NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP ENDOWMENT FUND RONALD K. SIMONS CC 82 SCHOLARSHIP (2020) Gift of John M. Braver CC66. Also, please note that refunds of excess federal aid are generally processed the Friday after the disbursement date. (2017) Gift of Jack Rosenbluth CC52, P: CC88, TC96, TC97. Counseling and Psychological Services. JAMES P. MORRISON SCHOLARSHIP FUND Sep. 2, 2022. Each term, students are required to register for a full program of courses (minimum of 12 points), by the end of theChange of Program period, i.e., by the end of the second week of classes. All rights reserved. HERB AND PEARL SANDICK SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2017) Gift of Brian J. Thomson CC89. FRANCES AND GUSTAVE VON GROSCHWITZ SCHOLARSHIP FUND IN ARTHISTORY (2010) Gift of Michael G. and Michelle E. Kaiser CC87, PH92, VPS97, P: CC20, CC25. (1987) Gift of various donors in memory of Stuart L. Garcia CC84. Note: This schedule is not a guarantee of delivery date and is contingent upon CSU successfully receiving your funds as scheduled. SIDNEY MORGENBESSER MEMORIAL FUND View the "scheduled" disbursement dates for your financial aid awards on your CUNYfirst account by logging on to your Student Center, clicking on "View Financial Aid" and selecting "View Scheduled Disbursement Dates." . (2011) Gift of Ann Y. and Kenneth C.P. Website: (1998) Bequest of Roy H. Pollack SEAS50 in memory of his parents, Elvira and Harold Pollack P: SEAS50. ANTHONY PENALE SCHOLARSHIP FUND On a limited, case-by-case basis, some international students may submit a request for an exception. (2005) Gift of Robert Chee-Siong Ng P: CC01, CC03, CC12, CC14, GSAPP10. (1913) Bequest of Annie P. Burgess. (2021) Gift of George Jiang and Hua Tang P: CC19, SEAS23. ROBERT BERNOT 55 AND MORRIS LAMER SCHOLARSHIP FUND IN HONOR OF SAMARA BERNOT MESHEL 92 (1981) Gift of various donors, and bequest of Jerry G. Landauer CC53. COLUMBIA COLLEGE WOMEN SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1989) Bequest of Arthur M. Davis CC 1924. (2004) Gift of Karen and Joseph H. Levine CC76, P: CC07, GSAS12, GSAS13, VPS14. (2000) Gift of Benjamin B. Lopata CC72, P: CC06, CC08. (2002) Bequest of Herbert C. Pentz CC 1922, LAW 1924. (1963) Gift of Macrae Sykes CC33 ^ in honor of his mother, Anna G. Collins ^ P: CC33 ^. (1928) Bequest of Stella Cooper Megrue in memory of her son Roi Cooper Megrue CC 1903. DR. LEO C. MAITLAND SCHOLARSHIP FUND If verification is not completed, all previously disbursed federal financial aid will be returned, which will result in a balance due on the students account. (1983) Bequest of Stephen A. Hermides. (2022) Gift of Sidney Kadish CC63, P: CC96, CC06. is zac langdon related to karl langdon, joseph prince wardrobe, club crackers commercial 2020 cast,

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