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airbnb service hotline

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This sounds like BS. You guys had my money for my original Airbnb that cancelled so it’s beyond me that you guys expected me to pay more money on a trip I already paid for. If you care to look at the communication between us you will see that I was in fact helpful. This request is in violation of Airbnb policy, is unethical and fraudulent, and has financial impacts and hardship since Sextant Stay refuses to process the cancellation and returning my money. I need to change the lock and I want to charge on security deposit. She kindly “offered’ alternative accommodation to stay in a mixed room?! Do I have those same fictional rights in mexico? Required fields are marked *. Unable to contact the office in San Fran and they planned it that way. My host house was disgusting, had a pit bull, would state that she was “getting high” smoking weed and house was under construction. I don’t think I will ever book with them again, which is a shame because we’ve had many wonderful stays at AirBNB properties 🙁. If you find a better and even more direct way to reach Airbnb, especially higher-level staff members capable of actually making decisions, please post it here so we can share with others! Only to be told that she does not reside there and is overseas. Told me they were not allowed. I just received an email from community support, whatever that is. I tried to book same property through my wife account we have received confirmation and verification of my account is not happeneing after 30 times uploading her passport photo. Deleted the app and boycotted it for life. It is not my fault she did not get her money back and yet she feels it is. I cannot find a way to get help! No option only. ??? Dirty clothing on floor, cobwebs, spoiled food in refrigerator, musky smell, pills scattered everywhere etc. 6 guests You will need to enter your Airbnb verified phone number in order to proceed with the customer service options related to your account. In fact, in the really early days (pre-2014), employees in any department were expected to answer customer service phone calls. They locked me out of my account because “I” or whoever this other person is, has tried too many verification codes. I own a condo that is in connected building with other condos. Airbnb wants me to send them a copy of my passport or driver license on the World Wide Internet. Keep in mind, the average queue time is between 7 to 12 minutes to speak with an Airbnb representative. I explained that it was the policy and she informed me that she can not because it was impact the “SuperHost” status and requested that I cancel. They also provide a secondary number to reach Airbnb customer service: Keep in mind: A local phone number may also be published in your Airbnb reservation confirmation email. This has compounded our grief with anxiety. 2 weeks prior to the trip, Malta lost its Green status and the Irish Government’s advice was “Essential Travel Only”. ∙ DON~`T BOOK WITH THEM! We are out close to $2000 and can’t cancel even though we are giving 2 months notice of cancellation. In a 12 story building on the west side of Chicago. For five females, this was not okay. I’ll just keep deleting them but it must be very frustrating for the person who’s genuinely trying to access their account. They are saying becasue French ppl says a toilet in plural.. what a messed up ppl.. who do they thinking they are .. or do they think i am a dumb?? I told her to call and cancel my reservation so they wouldn’t charge me. I received 4-5 stars rating from the host families I stayed with. 7 bedrooms, House This is after the fact that they told us they would help find us another booking at 11pm. I HATE Airbnb. This is my 4rth time i have issues with their application and very poor customer service. I had a mental break down yesterday the day before my surgery because you guys don’t care about your customers and left me stranded. When we communicated to Abie that this guest had already complained about the flooding problems a month earlier, he found a way to remove the review. Still the same thing with both google chrome and internet explorer. Airbnb’s customer service is… TERRIBLE. I have proof that Airbnb covers-up dangerous conditions/people and knowingly allows them to operate. Before the children arrived, I had messaged the b&b and asked if they had a printer to print a booking ticket and they said they had no business office or printer etc. I would say that your state is imposing travel restrictions and see if they go for it. But, it appears that being an established customer means nothing to Airbnb. no one to contact under out USA number, and we are at a loss as to how to resolve it? Even their picture with a piano, guitar and TV??? I just want them to settle what they owe and then im out. Airbnb customer service said it is OK not return key. I am having the same problem. Despite obvious poor fit to neighborhood host fought ruling all the way to Supreme Court to have decision reversed so they could continue renting this awful place. If you are ever in the Bay Area visiting SF, etc., you are welcome here 🙂. any tips for actually getting their account deleted? Here is a link from Airbnb saying you will not be charged anything – https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/2701/extenuating-circumstances-policy-and-the-coronavirus-covid19. We are beyond frustrated! We have a large group of people (25) coming on this trip and could not an Airbnb that would accommodate us. i need to contact airbnb due wrongly give email for confirmation booking. THE WORST EVER!!!! Dein Nutzerkonto. If we do get someone on the phone, they say they’re just a dispatch service and can’t help us. Where did you contact finally to sort this out? Wenn du weitere Hilfe benötigst, dann kannst du über unsere Kontaktseite telefonisch, per E-Mail oder im Chat Hilfe erhalten. Never expected this kind of hospitality and response from a host and Airbnb. The greedy hostess left a very bad taste in our mouth to ever use Airbnb again. 2 guests They never helped and they never contacted us. In any case, what is Airbnb’s policy on hosts who’s properties are not as advertised? I have called them every day and asked for a refund but it has been such a hassle.They said they have had an escalated amount of requests coming in and I told them I don’t want excuses. More BS? How many guests have you cancelled on last minute, leaving them helpless to find other bookings on such short notice. I really wonder why AIRBNB has partnered with this host. I have sent a very nasty email. Messaging begins with the Airbnb guest submitting an inquiry or requesting a reservation. My family lost my father and we were renting the place so my daughters, grand baby had a place to stay. So I have all of these on a mail, telling me in 15 working days I will get back all my money. I could not get her attn so I contacted the host. And They blocked my number to call to the customer service! I got the same many times! However, over the years Airbnb has significantly improved the options provided in order to contact them. Look, I know bad Coronavirus has been I know people are in need of assistance. Why does this happen? We are 5 members of family including a old senior and young child. Same for me, May 24th. It has still not been resolved and the repetitive avoidance of answering my questions have continued. I used to love airbnb.com, the website that offers me access to nice accommodations for my summer travel. – barely functioning AC – a perpetual wet spot on the floor (seepage from underneath), that I almost slipped and broke my neck on the first night when I didn’t see it. I cannot charge to their security deposit. He did not reply till 5days before our reservation and now said you can only have 9….! The contact in Brazil has told her (via email) because it is impossible to contact anyone directly that she has requested Airbnb to cancel the booking over a month ago- however, no proof of it has been sent to her. I have been getting the runaround from Airbnb for $2K damage that my last guest did to my home for two weeks. I feel the guest should receive all of their money regardless as to what my cancellation policy is. This company is not in the best interest of its users and has failed me. I booked a flat for my trip late January for July and i got the confirmation that there are 1 shower, 1bath and seperate toilets from the host before my booking in paris. If you’re looking to reach Airbnb customer service via phone, this is widely-circulated number is the best place to get help: GetHuman.com indicates that their customer service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that the average wait-time is 20 minutes. Fortunately, my payment method on my account is PayPal and they are refunding the money. Our “super hostess Emily” wouldn’t return our money after Airbnb cancelled our reservation because they were using the wrong email address to contact us for the final installment. Maybe they should have better customer service or not such shitty security. I booked a place for a week and when I got to the place the key was not where it was supposed to be and the hosts phone was off and she was not replying to any of my messages on Airbnb platform. My credit card was compromised so I have a new card and they can’t help me. Hackers then remove my information from my account and close my account. So our family trip portion in Corsica is not needed. Human trafficking – jesus. Instead, visitors are prompted to login to their Airbnb account to contact the company. When I try to contact AirBNB, it won’t go through. ... HotelTonight is a hotel-booking service, offering on-demand booking for boutique and independent hotels. Air BNB has been no help whatsever, well actually I tell a lie. I am about to contact a lawyer. I’ve asked customer support as well as host if we can re-book for summer of 2021. Very bad experience with airbnb. On 8 January I received a puzzling email from AIRBNB claiming that I had recently been in contact with an account that had been removed.On checking the AIRBNB site I found that the house I had booked was no longer listed, although it was certainly there on 6 January. Now I’m going through phone call after phone call to figure this out. They won’t delete my account either so if I want an airbnb account I’ll have to set up an email account just for airbnb. Kafka wasnt able to reach their level of absurdness. Me and my family couldn’t fit there it was very small.the minute I arrived ve I contacted Airbnb it was late so they told me my case was already checked but it was very late that I should call first hour in the morning an that’s what I did. Airbnb refuses to let me login and has been reviewing my info for a month. Absolute worst customer service!!!!!!! I am unable to log in or contact the host, since I no longer have an acct. DO NOT BUY AIRBNB GIFT CARDS! Airbnb is really frustrating me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been on the phone for 4 days in a row no one at AirB&B return calls when they promise to and the last one (Keira in the US office) dropped the line after leaving me waiting for 40 mins. Twice now, Honolulu and Aruba, the hosts locator address shows their location in a prime spot but their actual address which you get after you pay is at least a kilometer or several away. When guests try to book my place they keep getting promotions to book the hotel instead or being told that booking is unsafe. Best, D, Many in the airbnb host community state tweets get results: You can find them all here, with the sidekicks off to the side: https://twitter.com/bchesky?lang=en. I am actually really disappointed with airbnb about this whole saga and would like this to be put forwards as a formal complaint. Tried to ask the host to cooperate with me and told me Airbnb has to figure it out bc otherwise I lose half my refund. What terrible customer service. It’s kind of scary. And then I found this site- and read the comment before me- and was totally blown away. UK helpline: 02033 181 111. There was a picture of the host who was a woman by the name of Shay. We started planning our trip to Croatia and Slovenia fall of 2019 to travel on May 31 through June 26th 2020. I travel extensively during my summer breaks (I teach) and I am familiar with hotels, motels, resorts, B&B’s, collage dorms and other host families’ accommodations. Spent half an hour on the line with one dummy who kept ignoring my request for deletion and just kept saying my account was now Deactivated. What kills me is the only reason I am in this situation is that I chose to trust in the integrity and decency of the host, when I should have known better. So we decided to speak to Michael who presented us with links of what we assumed were to places that would hold all of us. In fact airbnb did not get back in touch with me at all which surprised me. I think Trump wrote their Rule Book.I hope this company goes down too!!! Imagine that!!! I booked 31 March to travel to Cuba 18/9-15/10/2020 ..Host has strick policy…2 days ago airlines canceled flights to Cuba and is closed for comercial flights … Airbnb says according the policy …the recervations before 15 March until 15 Sep are eligible to refund…..what about us guys…?? 4 guests They keep investigating the matter and never come back. Mind you is Covid19 and housekeeping should have cleaned before I got there. My niece is 21 years old and at the moment she is alone in London, no place to go and nobody to help, with luggage for 2 months staying and i am in the West Midlands. I cannot find any other means available to contact them. It’s been almost a month since I didn’t stay at a reservation I had in Toronto because the apartment was nothing we saw at the pictures. NEW YORK - Police in New York are looking for someone wanted for a rental scam involving an Airbnb apartment. We were told in writing by the owner and promised a refund (Full and Unconditional) due to the health hazard property. and as a traveler I don’t have phone credit to call the international cuatomer service since it is not free!! I was not able to secure different accommodations until almost midnight. This is just ridiculous. What the absolute hell, Mark? The recent hack of Equifax was far larger but fell short of data breaches suffered by Yahoo, which affected 1 billion people worldwide.Sep 7, 2017. This same exact situation is happening with me as well. Erreichbarkeit unklar: Leider gibt Airbnb keine Auskunft zu Geschäftszeiten oder zusätzliche Kosten der Servicenummer. Sincerely an angered customer. Airbnb has been zero help. I’m sure this will get deleted by an AirBNB admin, so we’ll be sharing this everywhere else we can, no one else (any family or human) should ever have to go through what we experienced, ever!! I made a mistake and paid my dues but I suppose they don’t believe in change. Jessicas b&b. Host here: You should be able to get 100% of your refund back due to COVID 19. How on Earth can a company like Air BNB explain such disgraceful customer services??? My granddaughter booked to go to Mozambique, but Airbnb deducted the amount from my credit card. He is not even paying rent to use and is being evcited. I’m not sure why Airbnb is getting away with this. She asked for a refund and I stated that at such short notice I could not offer a refund. She opened up a claim and I have heard nothing from them. We always used you but will never do that again . I think we should we should take this matter further except whoever you correspond with will send you to the STUPID HELP CENTRE cos they too damn scared to have a telephonic discussion. Now, I am concerned about reserving for the place I was looking at. They have shut down my account due to a guest mentioning a book that was against their “discrimination policy”. She was extremely disoriented and kept saying 911 so I walked out and told them that it couldn’t wait, I was calling 911. We will also be contacting the local news to share our story. This website is ran in partnership with iPropertyManagement.com, a website that provides informational resources on short and long term property management. Bleeding and vomiting. Scott . I want corporates number. Here, you can use a drop-down menu to select your problem and directly message Airbnb's customer service. They even refer you to this website – How messed up is that. In this blog post, we will answer all the email related questions for both hosts and guests. 2020, 16:47 Uhr 2 min Lesezeit. Whenever i try to chat them they will reply once but when i raise my concern and ask about the status of my refund thats the moment they will not respond. Thank goodness for this site I first tried emailing the president with no response so I then went to the CO global of host and guest concerns. This is one of the worst experience ever. When I explained that this was a very bad business model. I've been left on hold for 45 minutes tonight.....! NEVER AGAIN! The best toll-free phone number for calling Airbnb Customer Service is 1-855-424-7262 (Even with this number, the average wait time is between 7 and 12 minutes). (Mind you, this is HALF of the original agreed upon price, as Airbnb charges half now, half later for bookings) So originally I was on the books for 228 and change. Now Airbnb won’t cancel the booking when CLEARLY I didn’t want the booking, why would I book two places for the same weekend in different cities? How we don’t have any idea. That number is 1-855-635-7754. Really??!! The young woman arrived only to have to wait outside the establishment and ring the doorbell for a while…no answer. Hotline. Will also share on every social media platform. and all pertinent info also. They will do their best to avoid letting you speak to a supervisor. Scam! I booked a 4/3 bedroom in Kissimmee this weekend. I cancelled as I couldn’t get onto the property and got no response from the host whatsoever. However, the Airbnb phone line is one of the best ways to get immediate attention. Nora. I’m facing the same issue. you just lost your money due to your account is canceled. illegal border crossing issues? Now airb&b has told us we can’t get any of our money back. This blog is a great place to vent, and it’s helping me not to go off on them on the telephone. what a non-sense! I ask the manager if this establishment was safe and he became very aggressive, argumentative and told me to google the place…I asked him what the establishment was called and he told me. It’s just plain common courtesy to give people a reason for cancelation, of which you clearly have none. Myself and my two other adult friends I cane with are Airbnb customers. I contacted AirBnb to complain and cancel my account when I got home, and was stunned to hear the phone rep (yes they do make it very difficult to contact them by phone) blame me for all the problems I experienced. I have been calling and messaging the host, but she doesn’t reply, all my calls and messages have been ignored. They were supposed to accommodate for my hotel stay because that was all the money I had. No way to find out if I can rent a house anytime soon. very worst room there is no proper cleaning there is no lift facilities how can children & old aged member will go and also no proper cleaniness in room . The T&Cs on AirBnB for the booking stated that a full refund was only possible if cancellation within 2 days of booking. Try this link to message or call them: https://www.airbnb.com/help/contact_us/channel. Another guest b4 us traveling from New Zealand had just posted a negative review on Abie’s listing of his stay in the same room which we wisely thought to save. I just tried my first Airbnb request. This seems like an illegal process. I have written. We were going to be there for 28 days. 4.Also when I told Air b&b service, I always got the answer it’s policy. I've rung them as i need advice about my current (difficult) guest. I am so pissed, I could choke them! My first and last experience with them. Only last message displyed was wait for confirmation which will be informed after 24 hours. We have a tenant who is not paying rent. All this time I’m pregnant stressed and this stupid Air BnB host dog hopped on my stomach during my first day at that Air BnB. AIRBNB IS A NIGHTMARE! Not a little amount. You actually get to speak with a HUMAN BEING,when you have a problem!!!! Mark is rated 5 solid stars out of 5 and is ranked a Superhost. Everything was left filthy. Beskyttelse af dine oplysninger. Again, what B.S. This is unacceptable and I will be taking legal action if this is not resolved promptly. The difference here is that I’m uploading sensitive information to the Airbnb web. Scam!!! Upon arrival the home smelled of cannabis (who am I to judge) and a girl locked in the bathroom crying and moaning. They need to Verify everything before posting on their site! AirBNB did not honor the host or the guest request?Health department advised us to contact and also report to the local news media. Wie suche ich nach einer Unterkunft? Unsatisfied with this lack of communication, I sent a very heartfelt and passive aggressive email “thanking” Mark for being such a gracious host during the holiday season. Property was in litigation for 4 years, see Shvekh vs Stroud Township for details. Hi Wan, were you able to recover your account? The company encourages hosts and guests to resolve reservation-related issues on their own. Neighborhood and Township went to great expense to ask that this Vacation Rental By Owner not be permitted. Brazil +55 21 3958-5800. Use them. Not even half a star? Während 855-424-7262 die beste gebührenfreie Nummer von AirBnB ist, gibt es insgesamt 4 Möglichkeiten, mit ihnen in Kontakt zu treten. They have plenty of options to investigate the issue but nothing have been done for 2 weeks now. Please read my story Thanks Marie, OH MY GOODNESS! AC doesn’t chill, the thermostat for the AC is in other room, which is occupied by a different guest and he/she has locked the room. I am having the same issue and I cannot contact any one. I have tried for a week to get help, have removed the offending book and have gotten no where. I can not understand Airbnb Acts!!!!!!!! I also asked if others had had similar experiences, to which they replied there had been others, but the Airbnb software automatically cancels if the balance of payment is not made… Absolutely disgraceful sittuation in my opinion. I thought it would be no problem since my reservation was close to 2 months away. With that said, more users demand Airbnb customer service such as Airbnb email support. I had hoped to let other hosts know that the guest had cancelled at short notice but I was not able to do this without reviewing her as a guest in terms of cleanliness, sticking to house rules etc. Find the inaccuracies 3. Mind you this email they sent was not an high alert email or communicated through the Air BnB app which is the primary form of communication that I’ve been having with Air BnB. Airbnb poses public danger, they’re a greedy, ruthless and hypocritical company with zero concern for safety and it’s only a matter of time before next guest is harmed or killed in their properties. Your email address will not be published. Un-*******-believable, Mark. Ok. No refund even tho they said on the phone they will. I have pictures, emails, videos etc of the stay. The was no name of the establishment except Herrwood, Umhlanga. Look at these and tell me if you would stay there or would you ask for a refund and leave like we did??? First I wanna ask, how is it possible to take money from my account after they have givee back already all the amount? I was told today that it was given to a case manager and that was all they could say. dont make fraud people, What if someone put a scam ad with wrong information? I hope a class action suit is filed soon! Highlight that this is misleading 4. ask for a full refund It is in the hosts interests not to cause trouble with Airbnb by displaying inaccurate information. The hostess drew a pitty bath about how much time this cost her and she could only re- book 6 of the 7 nights and so she felt she lost money . I called our credit card company and they gave us the number. I arrived home from a trip to find that the guest in my house had had up to 5 extra people at different times staying in my house over his 37day booking- my first morning back there was a strange Italian man on my sofa and another man in the guests room with him who told me to fuck off when I asked him to leave. Keep calling and get annoying people! Did not refund. It has now been two weeks and I have still not received a call back or an email from Airbnb. The trip was removed from my “Trips” section completely, of course. Dive Brief: Airbnb announced it will introduce a dedicated hotline next year for mayors and city officials to connect with company representatives if hosts or guests are not complying with rules. Lastly, look at my wife’s feet after cleaning this home ourselves?!? I booked a private room in a home with one other room and shared bathroom. This just happened to me too! Airbnb has received both negative and positive attention in the media as a consequence of guests and hosts sharing their Airbnb experiences publicly. What is exactly your complaint and what rights do you think you have? I was given a negative review by someone who did not stay with me and airbnb seem to think that is ok, I have written to just about everyone I can find on advice platforms to no avail. To refund a guest before their check-in date, go to Your reservations on airbnb.com, select a reservation, and click Issue refund. Poor customer service. I’m having the same issue. Reason given was bed had been turned down to inspect condition. Another number that works well in the USA for local callers is 1-415-800-5959Â, The way Airbnb prefers to be contacted is via their messaging center, here: https://www.airbnb.com/help/contact_us, 888 Brannan St. The wait time was very short and the help people appear to be trying but haven’t been very helpful in getting around this hurdle. Absolutely ridiculous when I know what I did was correct and I know what I saw on the screen, that the booking was canceled. Account & Profile: Within this category, users can read about managing their Airbnb account and profile, from setting it up and making it secure, to receiving references. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told that there is no escalation path for complaints made by non-members. ∙ Thank god we weren’t hurt, god forbid, you guys do not know how to suffice to your customers. At this point, I am still getting unnecessary texts once, or sometimes multiple times, a day with verification codes for an account I cannot get into. I had reserved an Airbnb for a night and it ended up being one of the most frightening and worst nights of my life. Getting Started: This category covers the basics to get started on Airbnb. It was going to be my first time traveling and using Airbnb. Let me know what you think of any advice you can give. LIARS! They just would let them know to call me. A few days ago, i found out there is only 1 toilet without a sink! My family has been planing a trip down to New Orleans for a year now and part of that was finding accommodations. I also contacted the human trafficking hotline as I truly feel she was being kept against her will. My neighbor’s property is routinely leased for less than a week, and nothing is ever filed with the HOA. They said they would call me in a day or so. Have not heard anything from them yet. Unless airbnb can verify your account by matching credit card info, you will not get a temp password. For some reason it did not register and the booking did not get canceled.

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